Our weekly quiz is buzzing with participation and as we conclude the first round, a lucky few have emerged as winners.

Here they are:








All they had to do was answer simple questions about their favorite project, Education Ecosystem.

Remember, Education Ecosystem weekly quiz is open to everyone, and with a reward of $20 in $LEDU, it isn’t one to miss!



If you’ve been following Education Ecosystem and claim to be a part of the LEDU community, this is a good opportunity to put your knowledge to the test.

This month of August we’ll be holding weekly quizzes with various prizes to be won. Don’t worry, questions won’t be difficult, but they may require a tiny bit of research, or none if you do actually know your favourite project.

Prizes to be won?

Simply, users with the correct answers earn $20 worth of $LEDU. And the top 3 most active users (i.e., users with the most referrals) throughout the month of August will earn $100, $75 and $50 worth of $LEDU consecutively.

Prove your knowledge and earn some $LEDU!



Blockchain Economy 2022

It’s with great pride we announce Education Ecosystem has added yet another award to its cabinet. Recall LEDU was scheduled to appear at the Blockchain Economy event in Istanbul, Europe. The event which held on the 27th and 28th of July was once again another fruitful ceremony we graced as we ended up with yet another award.

In the presence of some of the big names in Crypto, like Polygon, KuCoin, and OKX, such an award goes a long way in staking a claim as the most innovative Educational Blockchain Project.

An award plus our mobile app trending on twitter signals a good end to the month of July.



Education Ecosystem (LEDU)

Education Ecosystem (LEDU)

Education Ecosystem (LEDU) is a decentralized project-based learning platform that teaches people how to build tech products, https://www.educationecosystem.com