Education Ecosystem Roadmap Recap 2022

Education Ecosystem (LEDU)
5 min readSep 6, 2022

2022 promised a host of updates to Education Ecosystem (LEDU). Our main objective this year was to improve the platform and provide our community with a more efficient ecosystem. An excellent first quarter saw us edge towards this. So far, we’re in line with achieving most of our goals with only a few more to go. In this article we’ll be sharing with you the journey so far; highlighting all our achievements in the year 2022.

Launch of LEDU BEP-20 Token

Our first major update of the year was the migration of LEDU from the Ethereum network to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This move opened an array of benefits to our community. Asides a significant reduction in gas fees, now, LEDU token holders have an alternate means of earning LEDU through the LEDU staking program. LEDU holders can earn LEDU tokens by locking their LEDU for a fixed duration.


For seamless conversion to the Binance standard, we also launched a bridge to aid users swap their LEDU ERC20 tokens for the new BEP20 tokens. Additionally, a guide has been provided to walk users through the process.

LEDU ERC-20 Token Burn

Education Ecosystem removed its Ethereum based ERC20 tokens from circulation, otherwise known as burning. Though burning is a practice to increase token value, this burn served to encourage more LEDU ERC-20 token holders to bridge their tokens to the Binance standard to reap new benefits. Our LEDU ERC20 burn article provides more info on this.

LEDU Airdrop Program

On the 14th of June Education Ecosystem launched its 5 million LEDU BEP Airdrop campaign for Project Creators. At the heart of this airdrop campaign was a broader plan to incentivize project creation and to retain creators on the platform. Both old and new project creators were eligible to receive rewards from this airdrop.

Education Ecosystem UX Redesign

In a bid to improve viewers’ experience, Education Ecosystem redesigned its platform to ease learning and access to videos. We merged over 340 project playlists consisting of over 3000 videos. In the past, a project playlist featured multiple videos belonging to a single project. This view presented challenges to viewers when tracking their learning progress or when browsing for a specific video. With the new changes, users can easily browse, access, and watch video projects with just a single click.

With our new UX redesign users will enjoy:

  • Improved viewing and learning experience from our projects.
  • Better content discovery.
  • Access to the whole project video and resources with a single click.

Migration of Education Ecosystem Backend Architecture From Django to AWS

Education Ecosystem migrated its backend infrastructure from Django to AWS (Amazon Web Service). This was done to improve our platform’s protection against hacks by using private AWS networks and to also prevent distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks.

Education Ecosystem Project Library Update

So far in 2022, Education Ecosystem improved its project library by adding around 300 short and long projects to its platform. These new additions were mainly in 4 categories; Programming, Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, Data science and Cybersecurity. The constant update of our platform gives us an edge as the most comprehensive and dynamic educational cloud platform.

LEDU Dapp Launch for Web and Mobile

The launch of the LEDU dapp for both web and mobile is set to arrive in Q4. Our engineers have been working tirelessly to ensure users get the best experience when the Dapp is finally launched. With our new mobile app and website, users will not only have convenient access to our top-quality educational projects but be able to request new projects and keep track of their LEDU portfolio. Click here to view the progress so far here.

LEDU Events

Education Ecosystem made an appearance at one of Europe’s top blockchain events, Blockchain Economy in its 4th edition, held in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. This event was another fruitful ceremony we graced as we ended up with an award.

In the presence of some of the big names in Crypto, like Polygon, KuCoin, and OKX, such an award goes a long way in staking a claim as the most innovative Educational Blockchain Project.

Youtube Migration Issues

For easy access to all projects, Education Ecosystem pushed to migrate all its content to Youtube. Unfortunately, we ran into issues with our Youtube migration as the content management rules and regulation on the platform are unfavorable to us.

In detail, we received suspensions due to false copyright strikes, forcing Youtube to suspend our channel immediately without giving any room for responses, regardless of if such reports are false. Additionally, Youtube takes around 10 working days to respond to appeals, which until then, all activities on our platform have to be halted. This left our viewers without access to our projects and greatly inconvenienced our community. Which has forced us to move back to our own streaming cluster which helps us control content, with enhanced user experience, and increased engagement.


All our promises have been kept and our roadmap achievements are a proof of that. We appreciate your commitment to Education Ecosystem (LEDU) and hope to provide you with a more improved platform in the coming months.



Education Ecosystem (LEDU)

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