Importance of Practice In Programming: 2019 Guide

  • Everything around use software-based solutions
  • The code needs to regularly updated and maintained
  • There is no concept of code sharing
  • Iterations are part of the trade
  • New programming languages and platforms come out

Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-Hour Rule

Benefits of practice in programming

How to practice in programming

Acknowledge the challenge

Start small and limit the scope

Leverage tools

Join communities and work in partnership

Teaching Others

Tools for practicing in programming

  • Git and GitHub — A source control repository(GitHub) and version control tool(Git) that let you manage your projects efficiently.
  • Python — Python is an easy-to-learn language that can be used in almost any project!
  • Excel and spreadsheet- Yes, you might need it to maintain the information, automate basic stuff, and manage projects as well!
  • Text Editors — There are plenty of text editors you can use in daily practice. We recommend sticking to one of your own choices. Our recommendation would be Sublime Text Editor.
  • Linux — An excellent OS for development and practicing your skills as a programmer.
  • Notebook and pen — DRY runs are beneficial for finding out the problems or understand a piece of code. You can also use it to write quick notes.
  • Book — Always keep a related book around you. Book provides structured learning and acts as excellent reference material.
  • Coding websites — There are plenty of coding websites where you can practice. Check our HackerRank, Exercism, and
  • Google — Google is the ultimate tool for practicing. It will guide you through every step.
  • Skype or Slack — To help you communicate with your team or buddy for practicing.
  • Trello — For managing project(s).




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