LEDU 3% Staking Campaign — October to January 2023

Education Ecosystem is offering users another chance to earn a passive income with LEDU. Recall in March we launched a staking campaign following our migration to the Binance Smart Chain. This campaign spanned for a period of 3 months, allowing users the chance to earn a 3% APR on their stakes.

We realized some members of our community missed out on this opportunity, and after several calls to restart the campaign, we are finally doing so.

Sample calculation

In this new staking campaign starting from October 20, 2022. LEDU BEP-20 token holders can earn up to 3% APR by locking their LEDU tokens for a period of 3 months, till January 20, 2023. This campaign is limited to holders of the LEDU BEP-20 token. To stake LEDU simply follow our comprehensive guide.

Stakes have to be locked for the entire period to qualify for earning. The LEDU BEP-20 smart contract is complete and has been verified by three reputable audit agencies.

Asides the LEDU staking program, users can still earn LEDU through traditional methods like creating content, submitting projects, inviting friends to the community, amongst others.



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Education Ecosystem (LEDU)

Education Ecosystem (LEDU) is a decentralized project-based learning platform that teaches people how to build tech products, https://www.educationecosystem.com