LEDU Token OTC Trading

If you hold a large volume of LEDU tokens above 1 million units and wish to sell, our Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading desk is ready to facilitate large transactions. We currently have open OTC buy orders for LEDU token volumes starting from 1 million units.

We understand that trading large volumes on public exchanges can often lead to slippage and unfavorable prices due to low liquidity. To address this, our OTC desk provides a seamless experience for individuals looking to execute large trades efficiently.


  • Avoid impacting market prices
  • Ensure best execution prices
  • Trade large volumes seamlessly
  • Dedicated support

To proceed with an OTC sale of your LEDU tokens (minimum 1 million units), please contact our OTC trading desk at tokens@education-ecosystem.com. Our team will guide you through the process and provide a personalized quote based on the current OTC market rates.



Education Ecosystem (LEDU)

Education Ecosystem (LEDU) is a decentralized project-based learning platform that teaches people how to build tech products, https://www.educationecosystem.com