LEDU X LATOKEN — Airdrop campaign and New listing

The Education Ecosystem has teamed up with LATOKEN Exchange for the launch of the LEDU airdrop campaign along with the listing of the LEDU BEP20 token with the LEDU/BNB pair.

This campaign will be ongoing for 10 days, from May 17 to 27, 2022. In this airdrop campaign there are 1,500,000 LEDU tokens to be grabbed and participation is simple, all you need to do is complete a few easy tasks.

To participate:

  • Start the LEDU airdrop on Telegram bot or Web version and follow the instructions.

All tasks will be checked, and distribution of rewards will be announced after the airdrop ends.

Teaming up with LATOKEN provides the LEDU community with a one stop exchange for all LEDU activities. Asides receiving airdrop rewards, now users can deposit and trade the LEDU/BNB pair on the LATOKEN exchange.


LATOKEN is a rapidly growing Top-30 crypto exchange focusing on providing liquidity for new tokens:

● $170+ million daily turnover

● 135,000+ registered traders

● 350+ crypto pairs available for trading

Asides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowd sale stages.



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Education Ecosystem (LEDU)

Education Ecosystem (LEDU) is a decentralized project-based learning platform that teaches people how to build tech products, https://www.educationecosystem.com